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Kevin at the South Side Church of Christ in Danville, IL.

Welcome to preaching.restorationplea.com! This site is part of the ministry of Kevin Ziegler, evangelist. Most sermons on this site are ones that Kevin has preached since he has been at South Side Church of Christ, Danville, IL. In April of 2021, Kevin became the evangelist at the Lakeport Christian Church in Lakeport, FL. Kevin has also preached at Family Camps, including the Restoration Plea Family Camp, Hillsboro Family Camp, Whitewater Family Camp, Southern Indiana Family Rally, Hanging Rock Spring Family Camp and the Delmarva Family Camp, among others. Kevin has also been blessed to preach revival meetings and men’s fellowships. He also preached at the very last GAP Fest in Portsmouth, OH.

Kevin has traveled to the island of Grenada five times to work with theĀ Jean Anglais Christian Church. He helped in building projects, along with preaching and teaching leadership classes. Kevin has also traveled to Chwele, Kenya, four times to teach at the African Christian Restoration Evangelism Bible College.


Kevin preaching at the Delmarva Family Camp Meeting in Laurel, DE.

Kevin was ordained as an evangelist in June of 1988 by the Central Christian Church in Tampa, FL, after graduating from Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, FL. Kevin has held ministries in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

The primary purpose of this website is to promote the preaching of the Word by uplifting and Glorifying God! May He receive all the glory!