2014 Pinckneyville Revival

IMG_2834First Christian Church, Pinckneyville, IL

October 26-31, 2014

The revival meeting including a homecoming service on Sunday afternoon. My daughter-in-law, Brittney Ziegler led the music Sunday-Wednesday. The Dave Melton Family Singers were there Thursday and Friday evenings. Jeff Tucker was the host evangelist. The theme of the week was THE GOSPEL!



Sunday Morning
The Gospel is as Simple as Remembering a Phone Number

Handouts for Sunday AM
Telephone Conversions
Elements of Conversions in the Book of Acts
Terms of Pardons

Sunday Afternoon (Homecoming)
The Gospel Produces a Legacy in Life

Monday Evening
The Gospel Produces a Proper Attitude in Christ

Tuesday Evening
The Gospel Revives the Spiritually Dead

Wednesday Evening
The Gospel Produces a Church Patterned after the New Testament

Thursday Evening
The Gospel Brings Blessings in Christ

Friday Evening
The Gospel Prepares us for THE Day!

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