Kerry Allen, Director of Person to Person Ministries

Gary Baker, Executive Director of Hanging Rock Christian Assembly

Raymond Bennett, Director of Delmarva Evangelism

David Bentley, Evangelist at the Allen Chapel Church of Christ, South Shore, KY

John Butler Book, Evangelist with Christian Viewpoint

Glenn Bourne, Retired Professor from Florida Christian College

Ed Bousman, Founder of God is Just A Prayer Away (GIJAPA) Ministry

Harvey Bream, Trustee for the Christian Restoration Association

Dick Chambers, Evangelist

Roger Chambers, Late Professor at Florida Christian College

Christian Restoration Association

Jack Cottrell, Retired Professor from the Cincinnati Bible Seminary

Aaron Davis, Evangelist living in Pikeville, KY

George Faull, Founder of Summit Theological Seminary

Kendall Faull, Evangelist at the Christ’s Church, Franklin, IN

Ken Henderson, Teen Missions, Lexington, KY

Tom Hendrickson, Retired Evangelist in Danville, IL

David Martin, Deacon at the South Side Church of Christ, Danville, IL

Lee Mason, Director of the Christian Restoration Association

Dave Melton, Dave Melton Family Singers

Dean Mills, Late Director of Person to Person Ministries (audio)

Jim McMillen, Evangelist at the Lone Oak Church of Christ, Danville, IL

Jim Newman, Evangelist with Southern Cross Bible Institute

Scott Sheridan, Evangelist and Director of ACRE Ministry living in Rainsboro, OH

Tony Sullivan, Evangelist at the Lester Road Christian Church, Fairburn, GA

David Sutton, Deacon at the South Side Church of Christ, Danville, IL

Reggie Thomas, Founder of White Fields Overseas Evangelism

Kevin Yeager, Founder of GAP (Go and Proclaim) Ministries

Jesse Ziegler, Youth Minister at the First Church of Christ, Covington, IN

Kenny Zugg, Associate Minister at the Mt Olive Church of Christ, New Vienna, OH


2011-2017 Restoration Plea Family Camp Meetings

2014 Crossroads Gathering, Peru, IN (audio only)